Tuesday, 5 January 2016

SOTA Mount Hooghly VK3/VT-049

After activating Mount Tassie VK3/VT-046 drove down to South Traralgon for lunch, then to Churchill and up to the summit via Jeeralang West Road. Came to the junction with Perry Road which run close to the summit, it looked pretty rough, rocky and overgrown...Called Peter VK3PF who confirmed better to access via the Eastern end of Perry Road. Drove around the summit, passing Jeeralang North Road and parked at the intersection with Perry Road.

It still looked a bit rough to drive so walked it. Track log of walk. About an 800 m walk to the summit.

Walking along Perry Road. Quite nice with flowers and tree ferns.

Reached the junction to the summit road, on the right.  Perrys Road still looked fairly rough to the West.

Walking up the summit road.

Reached the summit. There was a grassy open area and a loop in the road to turn around. According to Peter VK3PF there was a small low fire tower here a while ago. Disappointed to see rubbish from people left here too, bottles and take away food wrappers... Set up the squid pole on a small bush on the side of the turning circle. Shack on the tarp nearby

Go on 40 m. Band fairly quiet, most people back at work. A total of 9 contacts.

03:09zVK3LED7MHzSSBs58 r58
03:10zVK2IO7MHzSSBs57 r46
03:14zVK3PMG7MHzSSBs57 r55
03:15zVK3FQSO7MHzSSBs55 r55
03:15zVK2YW7MHzSSBs58 r55
03:18zVL2LAD7MHzSSBs58 r55
03:19zVK5WG7MHzSSBs58 r55
03:26zVK3UH7MHzSSBs55 r53
03:32zVK3PF/M7MHzSSBs58 r57

Tried 20 m but no luck. Packed up and headed back to the car, then on to Melbourne. Had some heavy rainfall on the way, managed to miss this on the walk.

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