Monday, 4 January 2016

WWFF Coopracambra National Park VKFF-0113

To complete the Victorian Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award, requiring working or activating 45 VK3 parks,  I needed 2 more, Lower Goulburn and Coopacambra National Parks.

As heading down to VK3 on holidays decided to activate Coopacambra myself, as just off the Monaro Highway on the way down to Cann River.

The drive from Canberra was wet, raining most of the way, fairly heavy around Cooma and Nimmitabel. Started to look like would have to skip it due to rain, however cleared up to a light drizzle once into Victoria. Turned off at Chandlers Creek onto the WB Line Road into the park.

There was a picnic area on the right, and the bridge over Cann River just down the road,

Looking up the Cann River from the bridge.

A sign for Coopracambra National Park just over the bridge

Returned to the picnic area and set up the squid pole on one of the tables, 40 m dipole fitted in the clearing nicely. Rain had restarted so set up an umbrella from the car over the radio, this time using my home radio TS-480 with a car battery to run some power.

Radio set up under the umbrella. Kept the radio, the log and myself mostly dry,

Got on 40 m. Glad to have the extra power as the band was terrible, a solar storm had removed NVIS propagation so nothing local audible...

This was reflected in the log, VK2s North of Sydney, VK3s in Western Victoria and VK7s. Lots of deep QSB. Was glad to work Rick VK4RF/VK4HA with his dual calls to get the numbers. I had no mobile coverage at all here so relied on hunters to spot me on ParksnPeaks. Mick VK3PMG alerted the locals I was on air, thanks Mick!

After an hour of operating only had 13 contacts, the rain had picked up so gave it away and headed to Cann River for lunch in a Cafe out of the rain. Anyway at least got it activated so another park for the award completed.

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