Thursday, 7 January 2016

SOTA Mt Dandenong VK3/VC-025

Having been born and grew up in Melbourne Mt Dandenong was another summit I am familiar with.

From overnight at Frankston headed up to Mt Dandenong, following the Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, turning off at Olinda onto Ridge Rd, then up Observatory Rd to the Sky High Restaurant and summit.

I drove to the lookout entrance and was shocked to find it now costs $6 a car to enter! It used to be free... Turned around and drove down the road, then parked on the side and walked up to the lookout just past the restaurant. Gave me a chance to enter the activation zone on foot anyway.

Mt Dandenong summit marker.

A sign with information on the view. A murky view of Melbourne today.

Just past the lookout was a curved ramp. Set up the squid pole on the railing, shack on the walkway. Similar setup to Black Mountain activation here in Canberra. Got a few funny looks from passing tourists but they left me alone.

Go on 40 m to be greeted by S7 noise across the whole band...getting swamped by RF from the nearby towers. Through the noise managed to work Mick VK3PMG, Nev VK5WG, Gerard VK2IO and an S2S with Andrew VK1AD/p on VK1/AC-026 Booroombra Rocks. He had to wind the power up so I could copy him over the noise...

I could just make out some others calling me but unable to hear them over the QRM. Changed the dipole to 10 m, the noise was down to S1, much better :) Worked Steve VK4KUS with a good S8 signal then local Chris VK3AWG 9+.

As still had a long drive ahead of me to Beechworth packed up and headed down to the car.

Location of operating spot

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