Monday, 24 August 2015

WWFF Hunter 132 References Award

On Sunday worked Adam VK2YK/P in VKFF-490 Tomaree National Park, this gave me 132 parks hunted and a new WWFF Hunter Award! Applied and received promptly from Pit YO3JW Awards Manager.

I'm a bit of a statistics person so here are some figures on the parks worked in each state/overseas taken from Excel.

Worked Activators
VK1 3 3
VK2 29 13
VK3 51 13
VK4 17 5
VK5 27 7
VK7 2 1
VK9 1 1
EU 2 2
132 45

So VK3 is the main source for parks chased, followed by VK2, VK5 and VK4.

VK1 has only just recently got several parks to activate so should work more of these soon
VK7 is due to VK3PF/7, Peter on holidays doing SOTA/Parks activations...
VK6 alludes me. There have been some activations there but not around or bad conditions. It is a long way away...
VK8 has not been active, not sure if there are any park activators there to chase...

EU is hard to work for me, only 1 DL and 1 ON park worked. No beam on 20 m...the DL was on JT65 and the ON was while portable in a park myself, ON4VT.

Plotted out the VK parks hunted on a map. The concentration in the South East corner of Australia is obvious.

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