Sunday, 30 August 2015

North Brother VK2/MN-081

I activated North Brother last year and enjoyed it so much I returned for another visit. Access is simple, drive towards Laurieton and turn off onto the road to the lookout. North Brother is in Dooragan National Park VKFF-431 for WWFF award park hunters.

Usual great view to the North over Laurieton below

View to the South of Middle Brother and South Brother peaks

Walked up to the trig and set up the squid pole on the trig, 20/40 m linked dipole to nearby trees. Fairly tight fit but got up okay. Sorry for the poor image, low light and moved I think.

Got on 40 m. Band fairly crowded with an Alara contest on. First chaser Peter VK1XP in Canberra, a goos 58 signal. Worked Col VK2LED next on VK3/VN-023. Peter VK3PF, then Gerarld VK2IO/P on VK2/SM-068 The Peak with a good strong signal.

Interestingly Gerard reported both Paul VK1ATP/2 and Matt VK1MA calling me, I couldn't hear them very well at all, so some selective propagation today on 40 m.

Switched to 20 m. Worked Greg VK8GM in Alice Springs with a good 58 signal. Albert S58AL called me next, only 53, he gave me 33 and was having problems with QRM plus my low signal, 20 m not the best today.

Starting to get dark, and the temperature which was a nice 17 c earlier dropped to around 13c, so headed off to Port Macquarie for the evening.

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