Saturday, 29 August 2015

Mt Alexandra VK2/IL-005

Travelling up to the Mid North Coast of VK2 on a short holiday to escape the last of Canberra's cold winter. After leaving Canberra arrived at the car park for Mt Alexandra after 2 hours driving. It was sunny, although cool about 10c with a stiff wind blowing.

Walked up to the Katoomba Lookout with 2 picnic tables and set up the SOTA shack on one of the tables.Strung out the legs of the 20/40 m linked dipole to a couple of nearby trees

SOTA shack on the picnic table. Used a large sandstone rock to support the base of the squid pole against the base of the table and make it vertical, trick I've used here before. Probably the same rock...

Got on 40 m. Was a bit worried as solar storms had been affecting 40 m short distance contacts, however worked several VK3s with good signals, VK2KTT and VK5IS. Nearby VK1 and VK2 were affected though, Andrew VK2UH at Yass, who would be normally very strong here was 53, Andrew VK1NAM had deep QSB so anything close around 200 Km affected.

Later on worked Julie VK3FOWL/P for a S2S on VK3/VC-018, and Hugh VK5NHG/P on VK5/SE-003. Tried 20 m with no luck.

Packed up around noon and headed to nearby Mittagong for lunch before driving through Sydney.

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  1. Thanks for the summit Ian, band conditions made contacts a challenge.