Sunday, 10 May 2015

WIA AGM Canberra

The WIA AGM, Annual General Meeting, was being held in Canberra, so as nearby for a change decided to attend.

Picked up the registration card in the mail after registering online on the WIA website.

First was an informal dinner at King O'Malleys Pub on Friday. Just a short walk from work, signed in and looked around. Didn't recognize too many there, seem to be mainly from interstate.

Caught up with Andrew VK1DA and Andrew VK1MBE. Close to their table was Paul VK5PAS and John VK5BJE, who have worked many times on air on SOTA but never met...Also Peter VK3PF.
Had a good chat and got a meal.

On Saturday attended the WIA AGM in the Hellenic Club in Moore St Civic. There was quite a crowd there, around 100 people from almost all VK call areas apart from VK8. Caught up with some other SOTA operators I have worked but not met, Gerard VK2IO, John VK2YW.

The morning was usual former meeting minutes and financial statement readings, some facts on the assessment of amateurs by the WIA and the history of the Foundation License, 10 years this year.

Had a break form morning tea and lunch. At lunchtime Peter VK3PF gave a demo on setting up a portable 6 element yagi for SOTA in the courtyard. Gerard VK2IO on the far left, John VK2YW just behind the mast

Watching from the other side. A cold looking Paul VK5PAS in the blue shirt. The wind outside was freezing...

In the afternoon Simon VK1FAAS gave a talk on SOTA from an F calls perspective, quite entertaining and seemed to be enjoyed by the crowd. Followed by a talk on SOTA statistics by Andrew VK1NAM, showing the growth in SOTA and the increase in CW operating.

After the SOTA talk Paul VK5PAS gave a talk on the World Wide Flora and Fauna Award (WWFF) which proved interesting as well, appeared at least some of the crowd had not heard of it, hopefully get some more park activators.

After the AGM finished Gerard VK2IO popped up to activate nearby Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042, while Paul VK5PAS and Peter VK3PF went up Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040. Worked them both from home on 2 m FM, giving them a contact for the 4 points needed to qualify the summits.

On Sunday the interstate visitors were out again, worked John VK5BJE/1 on Mt Ainslie with VK5PAS/1 and VK1NAM, then Onno VK6FLAB/1 on a 2m HT on the same summit doing his first solo SOTA activation. He just managed to get the 4 contacts needed to qualify.

The trio from Mt Ainslie, VK5BJE, VK5PAS and VK1NAM then went across to Black Mountain, they were also joined by Heath VK3TWO/1. Having problems with the strong wind blowing down the squid pole...I worked them on 6 m as well as they had not worked anyone on this band on SOTA.

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