Saturday, 30 May 2015

SOTA Durras Mountain VK2/SC-051 VKFF-0371

After activating Clyde River National Park VKFF-102, drove down to Batemans Bay on the Kings Highway, North on the Princes Highway, then took Dam Road on the right. This is unsealed but okay for 2WD. Turned off onto Mountain Road

This ends at a small car park and the start of the walk to Durras Mountain. Parks Information sign

Start of the walk

A fairly easy walk, not steep, had some seats along the way for a rest

The walk joins the main walking track from Pretty Beach to the summit. After 20 minutes walk reached the water tank near the summit.

Just behind the tank the summit and picnic table. My last activation here I had come from the Southern direction to here. Think the Northern route is a bit easier, not as long or steep.

Set up the squid pole and SOTA shack on the picnic table

Radio shack on the table. Comfy, pleasant in the late afternoon sunshine

Got on 40 m. Started with a park to park contact with Peter VK3PF in VKFF-771 Mt Worth State Park. Worked VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK5 chasers with good signals.

After 40 m dried up switched the links to 20 m. I could tell Europe was open long path, as my first contact was DK4RM. I think someone had spotted me on the DX cluster, as a massive EU pileup followed...

A bit hard to pick out calls as the band was in great shape, signals peaking up around S8 and many calling repeatedly. Several German, Belgium, Italian, French, Spanish calls. Recognized some of the regular park hunters, S58AL, IK1GPG, ON4VT. Most were signing 73 44 so more park hunters than SOTA chasers I think.

One of the regular SOTA stations G4OBK Phil called me. All quite strong and giving me good reports, 55 despite only running 5 W... Suspect the location, right on the Pacific, helping as a clear shot to Europe on the long path.

Also worked a couple of VKs, VK4HNS Neil and VK5NIG Nigel. N7VF from the USA as well.

The band eventually died down, still had to pack up as getting dark and had the walk back.
A total of 37 contacts. With the 17 contacts in the past activations I have 54 contacts total, now qualified VKFF-371 Murramarang National Park for the WWFF award.

Made my way back to the car. A few of the locals keeping the track grass trimmed...

Track log of walk. About 1.5 Km each way.

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  1. Hi Ian, good write up. Thanks for the opportunity to chase Durras Mountain for a completed summit.
    73, Andrew VK1NAM