Saturday, 23 May 2015

Gossan Hill Nature Reserve VKFF-0842

With 33 Canberra Nature parks added to the World Wide Flora and Fauna Award list recently decided to activate one of the local ones, Gossan Hill Nature Reserve VKFF-842

From my home in Belconnen drove to the end of Weatherburn Place in Bruce and parked. There is a short lane way here that leads into the reserve.

The paths have an interesting naming convention...Took Gossan Four up the hill

Took Gossan Six up the hill.

Reached Gossan Hill cairn, a large pile of rocks. Nice view to the West.

Just down the hill from the cairn was a signpost, the junction of Gossan Six and Five. used this for squid pole support. An old fence post used to support one end of the dipole, the other end tied to a rock on the summit cairn.

Got on 40 m on the WWFF calling frequency 7.144 Mhz. Worked several chasers, but slow going even after someone spotted me on the ParksnPeaks website. Found the Android ParksnPeaks App on my phone didn't have the new ACT parks added yet so unable to self spot.

Saw a SOTA spot for Andrew VK1NAM/2 on 10 m on VK2/RI-016, so quickly set up my 10 m dipole and worked him. Signal not real strong as too close for skip, probably getting on backscatter, but made it. Also another SOTA contact with Gerard VK2IO/P on VK2/RI-006 on 40 m, very strong.

Continued on 40 m, managing 25 contacts in all across VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK5. Packed up and headed home for lunch at noon. Need to return and get the contacts up to the required 44, anyway a pleasant place to revisit.

View to the North out to Lake Ginninderra

View West to the Brindabellas. Large green building is Bunnings hardware store.

Track log of walk

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