Monday, 9 March 2015

SOTA VK2/SM-029 Alpine Hill

Drove West of Adaminaby on the Snowy Mountains Highway, passing Tantangera Road, stopping on the side of the road in a siding on the right. just before Alpine Hill.

Just opposite the siding a rough access road to the nearby power lines. Sign 66 KV CAB-ADY 150-112

The road looked far too rough for my car so walked. A short distance a sign indicating I was on Alpine Hill Powerline Trail

Followed the road down and across a valley, following the powerlines for a bit before heading into the bush.

The road climbed up the hill before joining another trail cutting across the base of the hill.

Followed the track, steadily climbing up to a gap with more power lines

As the track appeared to have risen as much as was going to, headed up the ridge into the scrub. A bit thick and steep with wattle regrowth, but did improve as I got higher.

Followed the ridge up. Seemed to go on climbing forever. Some open areas so not all scrub bashing
Mid way up a flat swampy area, good place for a rest...

Continued climbing.  After an hour and fifty minutes reached the top. To my surprise a substantial wooden trig. Always amazed to find these large structures in the middle of nowhere.

Just down from the trig a large open grassy area suitable for a dipole. Used a log for squid pole support.

Set up the radio on a nearby log

Got on air, a lot later than I had anticipated...Started on 40 m, once spotted by Matt VK1MA a steady pileup of chasers followed. When 40 m died down switched to 20 m, worked Peter VK4JD, Paul VK5PAS and Tom VK5EE.

While packing up saw a spot for Paul VK1ATP/P on VK1/AC-008 Mt Ginini on 2 m. Turned on the HT, I could hear him just on the whip but he could not hear me...Quickly went up to the trig and climbed up it to get more altitude, he managed to copy me so an S2S to Mt Ginini, around 50 Km away...

Headed back down. A little easier heading down but a bit harder to keep on the ridge, got off track a few times, and struck some thick scrub I didn't get going up. The return trip took about an hour and forty minutes. I wouldn't recommend my return track, some patches of thick scrub...

I was worn out...Stopped for a rest and a drink at Adaminaby, famous for trout fishing. The big trout.

Track log of walk. 

Track profile. About a 3.5 Km walk with about a 450 m climb.

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