Saturday, 7 March 2015

Failed SOTA attempt on VK2/SM-021 Mount Hudson

With a long weekend in Canberra with Canberra Day holiday Monday travelled down to Jindabyne, doing some SOTA summits on the way. The first one I tried was VK2/SM-021 Mount Hudson, to the West of Lake Eucumbene.

Plan was to drive to Lake Eucumbene, then take Happy Jacks Road to the summit. View of Mt Hudson across the lake

Drove along Happy Jacks Road, entering Kosciuszko National Park

The road leaves the park and reenters it later. At the exit point came to a gate, with a sign Äuthorized Vehicles Only"...Ï considered walking, but over 6 km to the summit...

A short walk further down the road came to a sign "Private Property". This put an end to my activation attempt...

A map showing the road to the summit. Note that access to the peak from the North through the park should be possible, but would be a long drive...

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  1. Hi Ian
    You should have traveled on and done the activation i have had no trouble
    get in touch with Me direct re better access