Sunday, 8 March 2015

SOTA VK2/SM-007 Mt Perisher

From Jindabyne drove up to the ski resort of Perisher Valley. Mt Perisher overlooks the resort.

Drove through the village until getting to the Eyre Chairlift. Parked here

Just to the left of the chairlift is a faint walking (ski?) track. Andrew VK1NAM suggested an easier way to avoid some of the initial scrub under the chairlift.

Headed up. Steep but not too bad.

The track eventually joins the chairlift route.

Headed up further, reaching a ski patrol building, and some other chairlifts.

Behind the chairlifts the summit of Mt Perisher in a rocky outcrop.

Reached the top. Remnants of the trig on the ground. At over 2000 m amazing views all around.

Fantastic view East. Perisher village visible.

Looking to the West

Looking South to the main range, and Australia's highest peak VK2/SM-001 Mt Kosciuszko

Used the old trig to support the squid pole

Set up the shack in between the rocks at the base of the fallen trig, out of the wind.

Despite the altitude I couldn't get mobile coverage to Perisher Village, so asked Matt VK1MA to spot me on 40m. An S2S with Allen VK3HRA, Wayne VK3WAM and Warren VK3BYD on VK3/VE-037. Some more S2Ss, VK1DA and VK2FPMC on VK2/ST-040, VK1NAM/2 on VK2/SM-038 and VK2IO on VK2/CT-043. Plus a pileup of keen chasers as this was a 10 pointer!

Tried 20 m, but as unable to spot myself no luck.

Returned to 40 m post UTC and worked some more S2Ss with VK1NAM/2 on VK2/SM-038, VK2IO on VK2/CT-043 and VK2TWR/VK2BJP on VK2/SM-053.

Packed up and headed down for lunch. Track log of walk

Track profile. A 1.2 Km walk with a 250 m climb.

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