Sunday, 7 September 2014

SOTA Activation Oakey Creek Fire Trail

After activating Mt Budawang VK2/ST-015 drove back to Braidwood then on to Oakey Creek Fire Trail, SOTA peak VK2/ST-023, another 6 pointer.

Drove there as per my last activation. Roads through Monga NP were a bit rough, a ford to cross, lots of branches down across the road and a few deep puddles to drive through. Left the car in 4WD. Got to the spot I parked last time and walked up the hill to the summit. Set up in the same place as last time, in among a cluster of logged tree stumps.

Set up the SOTA shack on a nearby log, which also provided a seat.

Got on 40 m, starting with a S2S contact with Julie, VK3FOWL/p on VK3/VC-002, Mt Donna Buang. Julie kindly let me continue on the frequency. Usual chaser crowd followed. Signals all around S8-S9, heaps better than earlier on Mt Budawang.

Another S2S with Rod, VK2TWR/p on VK2/SM-085. Worked Justin, VK7TW/p trying out a future VK7 SOTA peak near Hobart, as association manager he mentioned VK7 should go "live" on 1st October with luck, so testing out his activating gear. He was a fair signal.

Saw a SOTA spot for John VK6NU/p, on 12 m. Listened there on the wrong dipole, he was audible, Hastily set up the 12 m dipole but by the time I got it up and called he had gone to 20 m.

Changed antennas to 20 m myself. Tried calling Mike, 2E0YYY/p, he briefly heard my VK1 call but couldn't copy my puny 5 W signal with QSB, plus there was lots of QRM, so no luck. I did however manage to catch John, VK6NU/P on VK6/SW-039, so a VK6 S2S!

Around 5 pm the sun was starting to set and got quite cold so packed up and drove home.

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