Friday, 19 September 2014

WWFF mapping

For the World Wide Fauna and Flora Award there was a list of qualifying parks for Australia, VKFF parks. See Paul VK5PAS's website

Originally this list was missing the co-ordinates for many parks, I filled in the missing co-ordinates, using Google maps searches, to produce kml files for mapping in Google Earth, eg for VK2 NSW VKFF references. Handy if you have Google Earth.

Paul recently contacted me for assistance to Mario, DL4MFM, who runs, Adventure Radio, which contains a world map of all WWFF references at  The database had quite out of date and just plain wrong coordinates for the VK WWFF parks. For example, Namadgi NP just South of me VKFF-377 appeared well West near Gundagai...

I emailed Mario my park co-ordinates list which he used to update the database used for mapping. Here is the result for VK

Zooming in on SE NSW. Hover the mouse over a dot and the park reference and name is displayed, eg VKFF-377 Namadgi NP

Click on a dot and there are displays of co-ordinates in different formats, handy.

Trust this mapping is of use to those planning activations of WWFF parks in VK.

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  1. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for your efforts. It is greatly appreciated.
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