Saturday, 23 August 2014

SOTA Activation Mt Wee Jasper

My last activation of Mt Wee Jasper involved access via the Hume and Hovell walking track, a 15 Km walk with a 700 m climb, just too much! Since doing this walk Andrew VK1NAM established that you can get to the summit an easier way, by driving through the pine forest and walking the last rise to the summit, so set off to try this route.

As per last time drove to Wee Jasper from Canberra via Uriarra Rd, Fairlight Rd, Mountain Creek Rd and Wee-Jasper-Yass Rd. Headed South of Wee Jasper, this time driving past the Fitzpatrick Track head and headed up into the mountains. After several Km turned off onto the Wee Jasper Forest Rd

Followed this up hill, turning off onto Pheasant Creek Rd.

Followed Pheasant Creek for a while, until coming to an unnamed road coming off at an angle on the left. Pheasant Creek Road can be seen continuing around the right side of Mt Wee Jasper

This unnamed road has a few muddy puddles to cross, but nothing too deep. Came to a junction with a large clearing, took the road on the right.

The right road had a few more puddles, nothing needing 4WD but the car needed a good clean after getting home :( Soon spotted something familiar, a Hume and Hovell walking track marker, I now knew where I was :)

Just up the hill and around the bend there is a side road on the right going into the pine forest, with another track marker to guide you. Parked off the road in the pine forest and started walking.

Soon came to a track marker taking me onto a walking track, and the final ascent up Mt Wee Jasper

The climb was steep, but only 100 m or so, and the distance to the top only around 700 m, better than 7 Km! Mt Wee Jasper trig

The 2 seats near the summit.

As per last activation used one of the seats for squid pole support and for a comfy operating spot. 40/20 m linked dipole legs run out to a couple of nearby trees. I also hung a newly made 2 m "slim jim" type antenna made from 300 ohm ribbon from the squid pole, thanks to Andrew VK1NAM for making this up for me!

Shack on the seat next to me.

Another view of the operating position.

Got on 40 m, after getting spotted got mobbed by the usual chasers from VK1, Vk2, VK3 and VK5. Made a S2S with Peter VK3PF on Mt Selma VK3/VT-013, and Gerard VK2IO on Mt Perisher VK2/SM-007. After 40 m quietened down tried 2 m SSB on my new antenna with Andrew VK1NAM and Matt VK1MA. Andrew had problems copying me and was weak, Matt was a good S8, he has a good high location in North Canberra for working Mt Wee Jasper.

Later on Matt SMSed me about an activation by Simon, VK1FAAV on VK1/AC-025 Mt Tennent on 2 m FM. Gave him a call and got him at a good S3! Mt Tennent was 57 Km away so good getting him using a hand held and whip, although he would have great coverage from almost 1400 m elevation. Well done Simon, a tough summit to activate.

One final S2S with Marshall, VK3MRG on VK3/VE-178, before packing up and heading home.

Track log of walk

Profile of walk, about a 120 m climb with less than a 700 m walk.

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