Sunday, 17 August 2014

SOTA Activation Mt Tennent

Mt Tennent, VK1/AC-025 is a tough mountain to climb, involving a 7 Km walk with around a 700 m climb, starting around 600 m and rising to almost 1400 m...

Went up the usual walking track from the Namadgi Visitors Centre. The walking group I am in had a walk scheduled, so had some company on the ascent. As I would be a while with SOTA advised them would make my own way down.

Left the Namadgi visitors centre around 8:30 am, climbed up seemingly endless rocky steps to the ridge, then along the ridge before the final assault on the Mt Tennent Fire Trail

I set up the squid pole on a small wattle sapling just down from the summit, off the path as I know this can get very busy with walkers. One dipole leg tied to the communications tower fence

The other leg running up to some vegetation just off the path to the fire tower

Set up the SOTA shack on some rocks

Got on 40 m. As both the ILLW and RD contest were on, the band was packed with signals. Started with a S2S with Justin VK2CU on VK2/CT-004. Justin kindly offered to let me have the frequency after he finished, which was good as there were hardly any clear spots on the band. Once spotted got a good pileup going with the usual chasers. Also had a lighthouse call me, VK2BOR from  Point Tacking Lighthouse near Port Macquarie. Later Rod VK2TWR and Rob VK2QR came up for another S2S from VK2/SM-029 Alpine Hill, operating in the snow. I left them with the frequency and packed up around noon, as the wind had picked up and was getting cold, and there was rain forecast for later. Got back down in about 1.5 hours. Made 24 contacts all up.

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