Thursday, 19 June 2014

VKFF Gold Hunter Award

During my weekend SOTA activations worked 3 new VKFF National Parks.

While activating The Rock Hill VK2/RI-026 worked:

- Tony VK3VTH/5 in VKFF-115, Coorong National Park, and
- Andrew VK1NAM/2 on SOTA summit VK2/SM-059 in VKFF-138 Deua National Park.

Then while activating Galore Hill VK2/RI-047 worked
- Andrew VK1NAM/2 SOTA summit VK2/SM-052 in Gourock National Park

This takes me to 33 VKFF Parks worked, enough to qualify for the VKFF Gold Hunter Award :)

List of Parks now worked

VKFF Gold Hunter Award from Paul, VK5PAS. Thanks Paul

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ian,

    Congratulations on the Gold VKFF Hunter certificate.

    Thanks for supporting the WWFF program.