Sunday, 22 June 2014

SOTA Reactivation Mt Cowangerong

After activating Mt Foxlow drove to Captains Flat then on to Mt Cowangerong. I have activated this peak before as have several others, a nice easy 8 pointer, with winter bonus points now as well.

Despite the signs the summit is NOT in Tallaganda National Park, its only of the right hand side of the road, so can't claim it for WWFF points while activating.

Parked below the summit and walked into the activation zone. Approaching the BOM Canberra weather radar

This is known to be a noisy RF site, so set up in the scrub at the southern end of the clearing, in fact used the same stump as last time. Legs of the dipole end on to the radar to reduce noise.

Used the nearby log for a shack and seat. Caught the last of the sun for a bit of warmth, almost 3:20 pm when I finally got on air and temperature starting to drop as the sun set.

Started on 40 m with a couple of S2Ss, Marshall VK3MRG on VK3/VN-004 and Andrew VK3ARR on VK3/VC-022.

Then usual crowd of chasers from VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK5. VK5 signals coming in nicely. Switched to 20 m link, worked my usual chaser VK6MB Mike. Then called for a while with no luck, despite many strong signals from Europe on the band.

Gave it away around 4 pm and packed up and headed home before the sun set. 23 contacts.

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