Saturday, 28 June 2014

SOTA Activation Wandera Mountain

With cold stormy weather forecast for the weekend in Canberra, decided to check out the South Coast forecast. Considerably warmer, 18 c for Batemans Bay instead of 10 c at home so set off down the coast.

Plan was to activate a summit driving down to stop overnight at Narooma, then activate Mt Dromedary Sunday morning and head home. Wandera Mountain, VK2/ST-042 looked like a good choice.

After driving down to Batemans Bay via the Kings Highway, followed the Princes Hwy to just before Moruya, then turned off at Larrys Mountain Road. Then turned off onto Ridge Road.

Followed this for a while. Unsealed but not requiring 4WD. This ends at a junction with Heffernams Road. This heads towards Wandera Mountain

At the base of the mountain came to a stop sign, advising authorized vehicles only. As only a 500 m walk from here parked and walked up the mountain. Some good views to the West through the trees.

At the top the road joins a junction, Wandera Trig Road. Turned right and up.

Reached the top. Lots of communications towers.

A good view from this point to the North, can see as far as Pigeon House Mountain near Ulladulla

Headed for the top and the trig

Wandera Trig name plate

Set up the squid pole on a nearby stump. It was a howling gale! As the squid pole had a crack in one of the sections I didn't want to stress it too much, so extended it to only 4 m.

One leg running up to a pole near the compound.

The other leg down the slope to a tree. Both legs flapping about like crazy in the strong wind!

I found a log offcut that made a hand seat. Got on 40m, found noisy from the nearby transmitters on 7.090 Mhz, so dropped down to 7.085 Mhz. Worked a couple of stations but they didn't spot me, eventually got Matt VK1MA to spot me and the pace picked up a bit.

Managed to make 17 contacts, with some good signals from VK5 stations. Tried 20 m but no luck. Couldn't even hear that many signals on this band, poor conditions.

Packed up and headed down to the car. Found I had a eventually got going with the spare tyre and headed off to Narooma for the night.


  1. Hi Ian,

    Sorry to hear about the puncture. That's the last thing you need after coming down off the summut. Your signal was down a bit for this activation...strength 3. But still very readable. Luckily my noise floor at home during the day on 40m is generally S1. Well done on another activation.

    Best 73,


  2. Hi Paul,

    Yes the last thing I needed after completing a walk to a summit was changing a of the problems of activating some summits is the rough roads you need to drive to get near them. At least it was one that was low on tread and needed replacing soon anyway.

    You were a good signal too despite my 'midget' antenna...

    73 Ian Vk1DI