Sunday, 6 April 2014

SOTA Activation VK1/AC-035 One Tree Hill

Noticed on SOTAwatch alerts Al VK1RX was planning on activating Mt Gingera, VK1/AC-002, a 10 pointer. So made the quick descision to chase him from nearby One Tree Hill, VK1/AC-035.

When I activated it last year with Andrew, VK1DA it was via private property, but this time I was able to go via the Canberra Centenary Trail. Was eager to try it out.

Drove to Hall to the start of the track, at the corner of Hall St and Hoskins St.

The track goes up to the town water supply, then right up via a side track to a gate with a gap for walkers. Bit tricky with a pack and squid pole but made it through...

The track then continues around the side of the hill, in an access corridor fenced off to keep stock off the track and walkers off the property.

We have had a lot of rain lately, was pleased to see some raised boardwalks to avoid some of the mud.

Had a few close encounters with mountain bike riders, they zoom along here and the track is not wide. After about 40 minutes got to a track junction, a narrow track running up hill to the summit

This is where it got steep...still was only a few hundred metres from here to the top. A narrow rocky track following the fenceline, which is also the ACT/NSW border. View on the way up.

After 50 minutes walking reached the summit. Centenary sign platform, fire tower and trig.

The Centenary sign platform made for a good operating spot. Used the wooden post for the squid pole and set up the radio on the nearby bench.

While setting up discovered I had left behind the wound up wires for my 40 m dipole!...Had taken them out of my pack before doing Isaacs Ridge as not needing them and forgot to replace set up the 20 m dipole only.

Shack on the seat.

A new SOTA accessory, a cheap souvenir fridge magnet I got with an inbuilt thermometer, Nice comfy 23 c but a strong wind blowing making it feel cooler.

Got on 40 m, made a very quick S2S with Al VK1RX on Mt Gingera, VK1/AC-002 as this was on a 20m dipole! then moved to 20 m. A pity as there were many other activations on 40 m, just not able to work them!

Worked VK1MA and VK1MT Matts on 2 m FM before trying 20 m.

On 20 m worked several local VK1s, plus Mike VK6MB and Greg VK8GM both with strong signals.Also another S2S with Al VK1RX on 20 m, good strong signal.

So despite the missing 40 m antenna qualified the summit with 10 contacts, plus 21 more S2S points taking me to 999 S2S points. And got to try the new Centenary trail.

Track log of walk. 4.2 Km each way with about a 200 m climb.

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