Friday, 18 April 2014

SOTA activation Bullen Range

For Good Friday morning decided to redo Bullen Range, VK1/AC-033, a 2 pointer. Bit of a walk at 5 Km each way.

Drove there as per my previous activation

Parked and squeezed through the first gate

After a short distance reached the 2nd gate, the only one I could actually open using a wire latch, the others involved climbing over or through...Note the sheep, they were on both sides of the fence.

Approaching the 3rd gate. Brindabella mountains in the background

Shortly after this a 4th gate on the right

The road climbs steeply here onto the ridge. Approaching gate 5.

And finally gate 6

After about an hours walking reached the summit. A pile of rocks with not much of a view...

As per last time I used 3 log cuts near the log as a seat, radio table and log book table.

Set up the squid pole on the log, dipole legs to a couple of nearby trees.

Got on 40 m, seemed to be first on this morning so grabbed 7.090 Mhz. Usual chasers from VK1,2,3 and 5 with good signals.

S2S contacts with VK3EK Rob on VK3/VG-011, VK3BQ/1 Andrew on nearby VK1/AC-040 Mt Ainslie, and VK3PF Peter on VK3/VG-027.

All up 31 contacts on 40 m. Went to try 20 m, tuning up the radio it cut out, out of power after less than an hour of operating...My 4ah SLA battery has had it...Have a 4.3 ah LifePO4 on order, coming soon.

View on the way down, looking South to Castle Hill and Mt Tennent.


  1. Nothing worse than having to leave the party early! Especially when weather and band cndx are good. But there'll always be another day and another summit! Great TR & pics! 73, Steve/wGOAT

  2. Thanks Steve. Yes would have liked to try 20 m as well, but the battery said no...anyway a new LIfepo4 arrives soon, and the weather and bands are still good. 73 Ian VK1DI