Saturday, 19 April 2014

LOG4OM SOTA features

After my blog entry on switching from HRD to Log4OM, I was contacted by Terry G4POP to do beta testing of  the program, looking at the SOTA features.

After some bug fixing the beta version is now available, so here are some of the new features it has for SOTA users.

Entry of SOTA summit

Type in part of a callsign and the program will set the Country, and the appropriate SOTA Association drop down list. Pick your region and the summit from the drop down lists, or for the quickest way just enter the SOTA reference in the search field. The Points, Bonus points and Summit name are displayed. The Summit Name is a web link to the SOTA mapping website so you can see where the summit is located, very handy.

SOTA Awards

Under the Utilities Menu are Statistics and Awards. There is a SOTA tab under awards. You can display 3 different awards, Chaser, Activator and S2S

You need to select the award eg SOTA MIXED and Countries for each.

The Chaser award shows you what unique summits you have chased. The count is the same as your "My  Chaser Uniques" award. My count is out a bit, mainly due to not having logged all chases...

Total points are not shown, but you can always go to the official SOTAdata website for this. Useful in tracking new peaks and things like band specific chasing eg the 12 m challenge.

Click on one of the "W"s and the list of stations chased appears. This can be exported to a CSV file and used to import your chase into the SOTAdata database.

Next the Activator award

The tally here of 52 matches my "My Activator Uniques" count. As per chaser clicking on a "W" will give you a list of stations worked which can be Exported to csv.

S2S shows you unique summits you have chased while activating.


  1. Hi Ian.
    Is Log40m working yet?? I can't import a file out of Sota data base.. And a few other Glitches.. John VK2YW said there might be a Beta version that fixes a few Sota problems


  2. Hi Paul,

    I was using a beta version but believe this has been made public, v1.18? Anyway try posting your import problems on the Log4OM forum at You will need to register. The developers G4POP Terry and IW3HWH Danielle are quick to reply.

    Ian VK1DI