Monday, 29 October 2018

Tracking JA, VK and ZL Prefixes needed per band for Awards

The various FT8 Awards offer endorsements for achieving working all call areas on an particular band, for JA (Japan) VK (Australia) and ZL (New Zealand). After some thought devised a simple way to track what I still need.

Used the following low tech solution. In Excel made up lists of prefixes for JA, VK and ZL per band so

Printed this list out. Then, using a yellow highlight pen, crossed out the Prefixes I have worked. So at a glance can see whats still to go, and cross them out as I work them. You can of course check in the log but this takes time, this way can tell instantly what I need.

Wish 10 m would open up again and I could work JA9 :(

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