Sunday, 21 October 2018

Tracking Amateur Radio Blogs using Inoreader

There are lots of Amateur Radio Blogs out there and you need a way to keep track of updates to them, this is where an RSS reader is handy. In the past I used Google Reader, until Google killed it off... so switched to Feedly. This has served me well, until they restricted it to 100 feeds in the free version. As I follow far more feeds than this looked around for another RSS reader, and found Inoreader.

This has no limit on the number of feeds it can track in the free version. Migration from Feedly was simple enough, export a list of my Feeds in Feedly into an .opml file, then import them into Inoreader.

I organize my Amateur Radio feeds in folders thus. You can use your own way.

Amateur Radio Blogs Local - For VK/ZL blogs, to track local Amateur Radio Blogs.
Amateur Radio Blogs World - For Amateur Radio Blogs in the rest of the World
Amateur Radio News - The usual news sites for hams, eg ARRL, SouthGate ARC, eHam etc

As well as normal blogs I also keep track of Podcasts and Youtube Subscriptions.

A screenshot of Inoreader, showing articles in Amateur Radio Blogs World.

There is also an Android App for Inoreader, so can catch up on the news while out.

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