Sunday, 26 August 2018

WWFF Gigerline Nature Reserve VKFF-0985

With a sunny Sunday afternoon decided to activate another park, and one not too far from home. Decided to return to Gigerline Nature Reserve, VKFF-0985, as when I activated it in 2016 only made 37 contacts, so would be easy enough to complete the 44 needed for a WWFF point.

Last time I activated it was from Tharwa Sandwash picnic area. I found the bands noisy there from close by power lines, so this time set off for a different spot, Angle Crossing, at the Southern end of the park. Drove down Naas Rd, turning off onto Smiths Rd, then Angle Crossing Rd. A sign for the park before the road descends down to the crossing.

Heading East to the crossing saw a road on the left, probably for access to a power transmission line tower. The gate had a sign about no unauthorized vehicles, but nothing about walkers. Parked in front of the gate, which was not locked and walked along the road a bit, setting up the squid pole on the fence.

Operating spot on a map, from Protected Planet. Well inside the park here.

Shack on the table. Note the very dry ground, the ACT and NSW are in a drought at the moment.

Got on 40 m. Started with a park to park with VK5LOL/p Leslie in VKFF-0817 The Dutchmans Stern Conservation Park. She was also in an Alara (YL) contest so gave her a contest number as well.

Spotted myself on ParksnPeaks and worked the following hunters.


Note they were all long distance, NVIS short skip missing on 40 m, yet again... So changed to 80 m to get the close by hunters. Worked the following:


All fairly strong signals, 80 m works well in the afternoon despite people thinking its only a night time band...

Saw a spot on 40 m for VK4AAC/3 Rob in VKFF-2402 Mount Warrenheip Flora Reserve so went back there. As NVIS skip not really working he was weak, 41 report and he had me 31. But made it.

Packed up and headed home.

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