Tuesday, 21 August 2018

European ROS Club Awards

Noticed in an update to the awards software program UAAC the addition of a new Awards group, "European ROS Club". Seems I was eligible for several of this groups awards, as they allow contacts in any digital mode, not just ROS to count for the awards, so could use my JT65 and FT8 QSOs.

Applied by email as instructed at  http://www.europeanrosclub.com/en/darse-de-alta/
After my membership was approved received a membership certificate by email

Entered my membership number into the UAAC software User data settings. Just a word of warning, you need a leading 0 to set up UAAC properly, eg my membership number is 5 numbers 02395. After which you can apply for awards.

When approved the Awards Manager EB5AG, Manolo will send you an email, that you can download the awards from the EPC website https://epc-mc.eu You will need to log in as your membership to this site to download them.

Awards I qualified for so far:

Worked All Continents ie WAC. You only need 5, Antarctica is not needed. Endorsements for different bands, this one is for the 40 m band.

Awards for certain numbers of unique Prefix contacts, eg Bronze for 500 contacts

Awards for different numbers of countries worked. This one for 75. Paises is Spanish for countries.

Worked all States, ie WAS. I did this a few years ago on JT65

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