Sunday, 15 July 2018

WWFF Mcleods Creek Nature Reserve VKFF-2653

Recently another 284 parks were added to the NSW WWFF list, catching up on parks that were not added before due to limitations on how many can be added at a time. I had a look on a map at these new parks and noticed several close by to Canberra, including one not too far away to the North, Mcleods Creek Nature Reserve, VKFF-2653.

This is just to the East of the small village of Gundaroo. After lunch my partner and I drove there via Gungahlin, Gundaroo Drive, Captains Flat Road, then Sutton Road. About a 37 Km, 40 minute drive from home. Once reaching Gundaroo took Rosemel St on the right, this becomes Marked Tree Rd. The park is on the right after a few km, a locked gate with the park sign behind.

Just through the gate on the right the remnants of an old stock yard, probably used for holding sheep. Passed all the gear over the gate and set up using one of the stock yard posts for squid pole support.

Operating location on a map, taken from Protected Planet website.

looking back the other way

Radio shack on the table.

Good mobile coverage here. Saw a spot for VK5PAS/p in VKFF-0878 Eurilla Conservation Park so got on 40m and worked him, he was a strong S9. I spotted myself on 7.130 on ParksnPeaks and worked several park hunters


Another Park to park with VK3PF/p Peter in VKFF-2034 Adams Creek Nature Conservation Reserve

I started getting heavy QRM from Europe from a contest, so moved down to 7.080, on the way working VK5FMAZ/p Maria also in VKFF-0878 Eurilla Conservation Park

Some more contacts


After no more calls on 40 m added the 80 m wire extensions on to the dipole ends.Worked Paul VK5PAS/p and Maria VK5FMAZ/p again in VKFF-0878 Eurilla Conservation Park, a good S7 on 80m.

Worked VK2IO Gerard and VK2NP Cliff in nearby Sydney, they could not hear me on 40 m as NVIS was not working.Went on to work


As the winter sun was setting it was getting quite cold. Overnight the temperature had fallen to -5 c and with thick fog in the morning the temperature had only struggled up to a maximum around 7 c.

Packed up and headed for the warmth of the wood fire in the nearby Gundaroo pub 😃

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