Monday, 9 July 2018

FT8DMC Worked All Indonesia Prefixes Award

The FT8 Digital Mode Club have the Worked All Indonesia Prefixes Award (WAIP), for FT8 QSOs with Indonesian amateur radio stations from each Indonesian Prefix:

YB, YC, YD, YE, YF and YG

From there are 4 classes of licence in Indonesia

YH - No code - VHF/UHF only
YD YG - Novice - HF 80 m, 40 m, 15 m, 10 m 10 w only
YC YF - General - HF except WARC bands 150 w
YB YE - Advanced - All HF bands 500 w

I managed to get most of the Prefixes, however YD took me some time... surprisingly I could copy them okay on their low power, just getting them to respond back to me on FT8 was a problem. Called several YDs over time on 40 m with no response. Finally made a QSO with YD9DE to complete the requirements for the award.    

YB0COU              2017-12-11  11:02  17M   FT8      YB      
YB3BME              2018-05-18  23:25  20M   FT8      YB      
YC4CHP              2018-03-07  09:56  20M   FT8      YC      
YE1AR               2017-09-06  08:43  20M   FT8      YE      
YF9CDL              2018-05-05  01:46  20M   FT8      YF      
YB1TJ               2017-09-13  12:37  30M   FT8      YB      
YE8XBN              2018-05-11  22:46  30M   FT8      YE      
YC0OSX              2017-09-13  12:01  40M   FT8      YC      
YD9DE               2018-07-08  11:57  40M   FT8      YD      
YE8XBN              2018-05-03  12:34  40M   FT8      YE      
YG7SPN              2017-10-19  10:17  40M   FT8      YG      


WAIP-WAIP:          6/6 indonesian prefixes

Applied using Ultimate AAC software. Approved promptly by the awards manager Yudi YE1AR, actually one of my contacts. A nice looking award.

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