Friday, 22 December 2017

WWFF Activation Swamp Creek Nature Reserve VKFF-0987

The start of the Chrismas/New Year break for me today, and good weather so decided to do another WWFF park activation. Looking at close by parks decided to return to VKFF-0987 Swamp Creek Nature Reserve, as I still needed more contacts to reach the 44 for WWFF.

As per last time drove down Uriarra Rd to Uriarra crossing, then turned left after crossing the bridge. Drove up the hill and parked near a gate on the right allowing access to the park. Last time I set up near the gate, but this was in the full sun and now had too many prickly grasses, so set up the hill a bit in the shade of a tree.

Even weeds have their uses, this one made a good support for a dipole leg!...

Looking back down the hill to the gate, Uriarra Rd and the Brindabella mountains in the distance.

Shack on the table, my FT-857D set to 30W output.

Got on 40 m. Started with chasing VK3PF/p Peter on SOTA summit VK3/VE-071 with a good signal. Next a park to park with Adam VK2YK/p in VKFF-1882 Awabakal Nature Reserve

Spotted myself on ParksnPeaks on 7.150 Mhz. Got VK3ZPF Peter, then another park to park contact with VK2IO/m Gerard in VKFF-0041 Blue Mountains National Park. He was in the car park for the walk to SOTA summit VK2/SY-002 Rileys Mountain where I'd spoken to him earlier at home.

Then some of the regular park hunters.

VK3SFG Sergio
VK4TJ John
VK2NP Cliff
VK3SQ Geoff
VK3AW Laurie

After contacts on 40m dried up went to 20m. Another couple of contacts with VK3s via sporadic e
VK3ZPF Peter again

Saw a spot for a SOTA activation by VK2HRX/p Compton on 40m, so returned there. He was on VK2/HU-024.

As the table was now in the sun and temperature starting to get warm decided to call it a day and return home. Made 18 QSOs, so only 36 total, need to return to this park again sometime.

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