Wednesday, 27 December 2017

WWFF Activation Coornartha Nature Reserve VKFF-1914

Heading back home to Canberra after Christmas/Boxing Day at my brothers place at Pambula Beach. Activated Bournda National Park in the morning, had lunch at Bega and continued on to Cooma. I had seen on a map of parks a newly added one to the NE of Cooma, Coornatha Nature Reserve, VKFF-1914, so drove there via the Numeralla Road. About 10 km from Cooma reached the park gate.

The gate was not locked so could drive in. Closeup of the park sign. Coornatha Trail behind. The far sign says locked gate ahead. This appears to be the only access road into the park.

Continued along the Coornatha Trail up the hill until finding a suitable spot to operate, a dead tree that I could attach the squid pole to. Drove the car nearby and set up the radio.

Location on a map of the park. Map from ProtectedPlanet website.

Radio and antenna next to the car.

After so many activations my LifePO4 batteries were almost drained, so used a power lead I made up to connect the radio to the car battery. Basically a lead with clips on one end to connect to the battery terminals, the other end having Anderson Power Pole connectors to connect to the radio. Its a bit limiting as you need to have the car parked close to the antenna, but worked in this case. Shack on a rug near the car.

Got on 40 m. Started with a park to park with VK2IO/p Gerard in VKFF-1908 Cockle Bay Nature Reserve.

Then another park to park with VK4FMHT/p Matt in VKFF-0129 D'Aguilar National Park.

Then the usual park hunters

VK2UH Andrew
VK3ZPF Peter
VK2NP Cliff
VK2HHA Dennis
VK4TJ John
VK3SQ Geoff

After 40 m dried up tried 20 m. Worked


Saw a spot for Peter VK3PF/p on 40 m on a SOTA summit, VK3/VE-097 so returned there to work him.

And finally contacted VK/HB9DQM/p Manuel on VK2/SM-001 Mt Kosciuszko, Australias highest peak. This was also a park to park as the summit is in VKFF-0269 Kosciuszko NP.

Packed up and headed home.

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