Sunday, 5 March 2017

New Radio Icom IC-7300

My shack radio, a Kenwood TS-480SAT recently developed a fault in the transmitted audio, becoming distorted with RF. Rather than wait for it to be repaired decided time for an upgrade, and got a new Icom IC-7300.

I think these must be very popular as the dealer had run out of stock, and had to wait a few weeks for a shipment from Japan to arrive...

First impressions good, the receiver audio is superb and it seems quite sensitive, plus there is a band scope, something I've never had on a radio before. As can see whats around me can pick up calls I would otherwise miss out, found this useful on 10m where there is a lot of band to cover,,,

Eventually got it set up on WSPR and JT65 modes, where it works quite well. I know more about the menus now... Make sure you select USB-D if you are operating digital modes! Made contacts into Japan and VK4 on 10m, and into the USA on 40m. Lots of fun. Using a Toshiba laptop for decoding.

Some minor faults, there is only one connector, my TS-480 had 2 which would auto select between the dipole and 10m yagi. Need to get an antenna switch. Also find the up/down band buttons a bit close to the tuning knob, tending to knock it, getting around this by using the up/down buttons on the microphone.

A very nice radio thats fun to operate.

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