Thursday, 30 March 2017

eQSL eJapan Award

When eQSL added an eJapan award, for working all 10 Japanese call areas, I found I was missing just the JA0 call area to complete it. Recently on 40 m JT65 mode I managed to spot JA0XII Kiichiro and worked him, getting the final eQSL needed for the award.

Some of the other contacts I have confirmed. JA1, fairly common

JA2, also fairly easy

JA3, fairly common

JA4 not that common

JA5 I found quite rare with only 2 contacts comfirmed.

JA6, not hard to find

JA7, fairly easy to find

JA8. Fairly rare with only 3 confirmed contacts. I made this one portable doing SOTA.

JA9, rare only 2 contacts comfirmed

The eQSL eJapan Award

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