Saturday, 31 December 2016

SOTA Unnamed peak VK2/SM-053

On the drive down to Thredbo for New Years Eve popped up to do VK2/SM-053. This is an unnamed high point easily reached via Wollondibby Road, off the Alpine Way. An easy 8 pointer :)

Approaching the summit area noticed some "For Sale"signs nearby, looks like this area is being carved up into smaller block for sale. There was a new house just down the road a bit from the summit, so the summit grounds may get sold off... Anyway for the moment its just vacant bushland.

Set up near the log I did a dual activation with Andrew, VK1AD, but this time used a small sapling and just set up on the grass nearby.

Looking back the other direction.

Shack in the grass. Note the blue tarp nearby. This was a real magnet for March flies, I left them to it, rather them annoy the tarp than me :) As only a short walk I used my normal TS480 to run a bit of power, set to 40w output.

Started on 40m. Usual chasers, mainly from VK2 and VK5 with good signals. One S2S contact with Mitch VK7XDM/P on VK7/WC-054.

Switched to 20m. A good signal from John ZL1BYZ, also his spouse Jacky ZL1TZW. Also usual contact with Rick VK4RF/VK4HA, and Ian VK5CZ called in.

As getting late in the day packed up and headed to Thredbo for the evening. Note the Kosciuzko National Park entrance fee is now up to $17 a car a day, which is valid for 24 hours from the time of issue.

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