Sunday, 18 December 2016

OConnor Ridge Nature Reserve VKFF-0857

With a nice sunny Sunday afternoon and the bands sounding reasonable decided to do another WWFF park activation, this time  OConnor Ridge Nature Reserve. My last activation there was on the 21st June 2015, about the shortest day of the year, and despite a good opening into Europe had to give it away at sunset as it got freezing... no chance of it this time as a pleasant 25c.

As per last time drove to Dryandra St in the Canberra suburb of OƇonnor and parked. A short walk up the hill and I was on the road along the ridge. Noticed the traffic noise from nearby Gungahlin Drive, also the sounds of Cicadas in the trees, would make it unpleasant to operate from. I eventually settled on a lower track on the Eastern side of the ridge away from the noise. There was a track marker post suitable for squid pole support. Set up the 40 m dipole. View to the North East. Mt Majura on the right.

Looking back down the hill. Crane and other buildings are in Dickson. Dryandra St at the bottom of the hill.

Looking back South along the track. Black Mountain tower visible on the next ridge, heading up to Black Mountain.

Shack on the tarp. There was a bit of a slope here, ended up lying down on the tarp as the most comfortable way to operate the radio.

Got on 40m. Started with a Park to Park contact with Bob, VK5AFZ/p in VKFF-0922 Newland Head Conservation Park with a good signal. Worked Peter VK3PF next who spotted me, then the pileup began...

Worked several of the regular park hunters in VK2, VK3, VK4 (VK4RF/HA Rick), VK5 and VK7. Quite a lot of hunters calling, band in good shape. Another park to park contact, with Andrew VK7DW/p in VKFF-1156 Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area.

After contacts dried up was going to go to 20m to give it a try, but then got called by Paul VK5PAS, VK3TJK and VK2YK. I tried 20m but no answers to my calls, propagation didn't sound good on 20, maybe why so many were active on 40m?

Another park to park with Tom VK5NFT/p in VKFF-0791 Beachport Conservation Park. A total of 36 contacts, well qualified so packed up and headed home to dinner.

Map from Openstreetmaps showing my operating location in the park.

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