Saturday, 26 November 2016

Old Naas Travelling Stock Reserve VKFF-0992

After activating Gigerline Nature Reserve VKFF-0985 headed for my next park, Old Naas TSR (Travelling Stock Reserve) VKFF-0992. This park has never been activated before for WWFF. Headed back to Naas Road and drove South until reaching the bridge crossing the Gudgenby River. Pulled up off the road here on the left and parked.

Old Naas Travelling Stock Reserve is a rather unique nature reserve in the ACT, it is the only protected Travelling Stock Reserve. Wikipedia definition:

A Travelling Stock Reserve is a fenced paddock set aside at strategic distances to allow overnight watering and camping of stock.

It is a small section of land running along part of the Gudgenby River. No real signs here to indicate it, apart from one nearby for Remnant Vegetation Conservation Area.

There was a track running down to the river, which didn't look that good for operating from as in the full sun. The rest of the reserve was just grassland.

I decided to use about the only bit of shade in the reserve, behind the trees in the remnant vegetation area. used the sign for squid pole support.

Operating position. Map from Protected Planet website. The reserve is small, .019 sq km.

Managed to tuck the operating table in a shady corner behind the trees.

Radio shack on the table in the shade.

Got on 40m. Started with a couple of park to park contacts with VK3FLCS/p Brett in VKFF-0979 Wandong Regional Park, and VK2QR/p Rob in VKFF-1392 Wereboldera State Conservation Area.

A hunter contact with VK2FVIN, Vini, then park to park contacts with Mick VK3PMG/p /VK3GGG/p in VKFF-0958 Ararat Hills Regional Park, VK3XV/p Tony in VKFF-0968 Hepburn Regional Park, and Gerard VK2IO/p in VKFF-1271 Bargo State Conservation Area.

Some more hunters, VK3SQ Geoff, VK3PF Peter, VK2KYO Ken, VK3SFG Sergio with good signals.

A couple more park to parks with  Les VK5KLV/p in VKFF-0360 Mount Remarkable National Park and Rob VK4AAC/3 in VKFF-0361 Mount Richmond National Park.

Saw a spot for Adam VK2YK/4 on 20m so switched to this band. He was weak around S3 and had problems copying me, made contact eventually. He was in VKFF-1666 Townsville Town Common Conservation Park so a good distance away.

Tried spotting and calling on 20m but no callers, so returned to 40m. Some more parks to parks:

VK5ZGY/p Greg in VKFF-0796 Ewens Ponds CP
VK7DW/p Andrew in VKFF-1156 Waterhouse Conservation Area
VK5FMAZ/p Marija in VKFF-0919 Mowantjie Willauwar Conservation Park
VK3MTB/p Tim in VKFF-0747 Gippland Lakes Coastal Park

Worked VK3BSG Erik, before a final contact with VK5PL/p David in VKFF-1159 Wiljani Conservation Park.

My TS480 was displaying LO for low battery for a while, and finally decided to stop transmitting anymore, so packed up and went home. 20 contacts from this park so need to return to sometime to complete the 44 needed for a WWFF point.

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