Saturday, 19 November 2016

Jerrabomberra Wetlands VKFF-0847 Revisited

With a sunny, warm Saturday afternoon decided to get out and do another WWFF parks activation. Picked Jerrabomberra Wetlands, VKFF-0847 as I knew it had some shade and would be a bit cooler with a breeze off the lake. Temperature was 30c so not wanting a long activation, only 6 more contacts needed to get the 44 contacts required to complete this park.

As per last activation drove through Kingston then Eyre St in The Causeway suburb. This time wanted some shade from the hot sun, so picked a different spot, a gate on the left with a path going to a bird hide. Map from website

Sign here for the park. just near the gate. The park is well known by bird watchers, it has its own website

Just past the gate was a track junction with a steel post in the shade of a large gum tree. Ideal spot as out of the sun and nice and open. Set up the station here. Looking to the West.

Looking the other direction.

Shack on the table. Using my TS480 running 50w. Entry gate on the left.

Got on 40m. Started by working another park activation, Rob VK4AAC/3 in VKFF-0769, Mount Napier State Park.

Spotted myself on 7.144 and worked Geoff VK3SQ, Brett VK2VW, Peter VK3PF, Nick VK3ANL, Ken VK2KYO and Joe VK3SRC.

Went to 20m for a while but no answers to my calls, depite hearing ZL and Hawaii coming in. Returned to 40m to work another park activation, Mick VK3PMG portable in VKFF-0767 Mount Granya State Park.

After working Mick worked Gerard VK2IO/p in Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area.

A few more chaser contacts, Peter VK3ZPF and Rick VK4RF/VK4HA.

As now getting quite warm and had made 12 contacts had enough to qualify the park decided to pack up. Before heading home wandered down to the bird hide, which is where the track on the right went.

Windows for observing birds.

View of water birds from the hide in Jerrabomberra Creek.

A zoomed in shot of some of the birds on a log on the right. Pelicans, a black swan and cormorants.

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