Saturday, 29 December 2018

WWFF Yatteyattah Nature Reserve

While staying on the NSW South Coast with my partner for a few days after Boxing Day, decided to try activating a WWFF park never activated before, Yatteyattah Nature Reserve, VKFF-2799.

This is located about 8 Km North of Milton. Took the Princes Hwy through Milton, turning off to where the Yatteyattah Access track is marked. This initially had me puzzled, appeared at first to be just an access road to a farm property, however just before the farm gate another closed gate on the right, and a path between fences heading down the hill. Spotted a NPWS park sign so knew this was the way to go.

The gate was unlocked. Opened it and headed down. As you can see it does not get much use, long grass, even had a small gum tree growing in the track that I needed to drive around... At the bottom a stile and another unlocked gate. Opened this gate as well and drove down a little less overgrown track to a stile over the fence and a sign for the park. Parked and climbed over the stile. A look at the sign.

A map on the sign shows the access track in.

Some quite interesting reading on the sign about the park history. The name is Aboriginal for "water tumbling down" referring to the Falls nearby in Currowar Creek. The falls looked a long way down with no tracks so did not go. This was initially a farm, cemetery and a picnic spot from the late 1800s, with photos of men in bowler hats and ladies in long skirts! In 1967 the area was donated to the council by Mr A Mclean. It was then declared a Nature Reserve.

Another sign on the local wildlife. Quite an interesting park with sub tropical vegetation at the Southern limit here.

Set up the squid pole on the park sign and dipole legs tied to the nearby fence.

Set up the radio on the tarp and towels in the shade in front of the sign, It was a warm day.

Got on 40 m. Able to spot myself on the mobile here. Quite slow going, bad conditions, plus did not seem to be many on this morning.


My 10th caller was Peter VK3ZPF, who I had worked earlier portable back at home so counted as another contact. Not long after working him my battery died, so just made the 10 contacts for VKFF.

A park I will need to return to for WWFF.

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