Sunday, 9 September 2018

FT8DMC Worked Philippines Award

The FT8DMC Worked Philippines Award (WPA) requires 5 different Philipinnes stations contacts on FT8 mode to qualify. Despite being a fairly easy radio path to the North from Australia it took me some time to get the 5th, finally did it today working 4F3OM on 17 m FT8.

4F3BZ               2017-09-15  10:09  30M   FT8   
DU1AVC              2018-05-19  21:47  30M   FT8   
DU1/JH1FNS          2018-05-10  00:13  20M   FT8   
DX3H                2018-05-11  23:56  20M   FT8   
4F3OM               2018-09-09  00:41  17M   FT8   

WPA-WPA:            5/5 philippine stations

Applied for the award using the UAAC software, received confirmation available for download from the Awards Manager Hannes OE1SGU. Nice award.

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