Saturday, 20 January 2018

10 m beacons on summer sporadic e

It has been a pretty good season for summer sporadic e, most evenings can hear several beacons coming in. Here is a screen capture from my IC-7300 taken last night, for 28.000 to 28.300 Mhz at 9:31 pm local time.

On the left is an unknown WSPR station on the standard frequency 28.124 Mhz.

On 28.187 Mhz is a beacon run by VK5KV in Port Augusta.

There are heaps on the right around 28.260-28.267 Mhz. They transmit a bit out of sync so hard to see them all going at once.

28.260 Mhz - VK5WI Adelaide
28.263 Mhz - VK3RRU Mildura
28.265 Mhz - VK4RRC Brisbane
28.266 Mhz - VK4RST St George
28.267 Mhz - VK7RAE Devonport

Despite all the beacon activity not many on SSB. I tried the 29.620 Mhz FM Adelaide beacon, it came back S9 but no-one replied.

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