Wednesday, 27 September 2017

SOTA Mount Banks VK2/CT-032

I'd taken a week off work to do some walking in the Blue Mountains National Park, to the West of Sydney. Booked into a Motel in Katoomba.

As part of my walks decided to try activating a SOTA summit, Mount Banks, VK2/CT-032. From Katoomba drove to Mount Victoria, turning off to a sign to the village of Bell, on Darling Causeway. Later at Bell turned off onto Bells Line of Road. Followed this until turning off onto Mount Banks Road. Followed this dirt road to the end, with a picnic ground and a sign for the start of the walks.

There are 2 ways to climb Mount Banks. The road on the left passes Mount Banks then you take a track back to the summit, the track on the right is steeper, but goes more directly to the top. I chose the shorter steeper route.

Once you climb out of the car park valley Mount Banks is visible ahead.

Some good views here. Looking back to the right.

Another small rise before the final ascent.

Approaching the summit. The track continues to the left and once you enter the treeline there is not much of a view.

Just before the top you reach the junction with the track coming in from the road walk.

Mount Banks trig. Quite impressive with a large concrete base.

Name plate on the trig, King George.

Strung out the 20m/40m linked dipole, also as there was plenty of room my full size 80m dipole in a fan configuration.

Set up the shack on the trig concrete base. My FT817. Mobile reception good here on Telstra, able to spot myself okay.

Started on 80 m. Only 1 contact, Gerard VK2IO in nearby Sydney. He had problems with a local noise. I did get Phil VK2JPL/p on Mt Canobolas call me but he couldn't hear me.

Went to 40 m. Conditions a lot better, made a S2S with Phil VK2JPL/p on VK2/CT-001 Mt Canobolas, not that far away.

Went on to work VK3PF Peter, VK2FADV Jim, VK4RF/VK4HA Rick, and Gerard VK2IO again with a good signal.

VK4HNS Neil called me, VK2YK Adam with a strong signal, VK4YJ John and VK3MRH Ron. As conditions poor in the afternoon packed up and headed down.

Note the summit was in the Blue Mountains National Park, WWFF reference VKFF-0041.

Track log of walk

Graph of walk. About a 1.2 Km walk with a 200 m climb

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