Sunday, 19 February 2017

WWFF Mount Painter Nature Reserve VKFF-0853

After my SOTA activation of Mount McDonald in the morning returned home for lunch, and as as still a nice sunny day decided to activate a nearby WWFF park, Mount Painter Nature Reserve, VKFF-0853.

Parked off Coulter Drive in Cook and walked up the access track, past the horse paddocks. Entered the park.

Some good views along the track over Belconnen to the North. Tall buildings are residential apartments around Belconnen town centre. One Tree Hill, a SOTA summit on the left.

Climbed up to the water tank near the summit.

Once past the tank the track continues to the summit. Trig can be seen. I didn't go to the summit as not a good spot for radio, lots of joggers, walkers with dogs coming and going all the time.

There was a seat nearby suitable for radio. Black Mountain, a SOTA summit and also a WWFF park with its tower in the background.

Set up the squid pole on the seat. It was very windy, the squid pole threatened to topple but kept up.

Shack on the seat. With the wind I ended up holding onto it most of the time while operating...

Got on 40m. Worked Paul, VK5PAS/p first for a Park to Park contact, he was in VKFF-1688 Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. A first activation for this park. A good S7, although a lot of static in the background from a storm somewhere.

Found a clear frequency and spotted myself on ParksnPeaks website. A steady stream of park hunters.

VK5FANA Adrian
VK7DW, Andrew
VK3PF, Peter
VK2IO, Gerard
VK3ZPF, Peter
VK3FPSR, Peter
VK5MAS, Andrew
VK5FTCT, John.

Tried 20m. Even though I could hear European signals coming in on the long path had no luck working anyone, a call from RA3PCI but he didn't reply back. To be expected as only using 5w...

I did make a contact with VK2LX, Grant in Bungendore though, a good S8.

Around 5 pm the wind seemed to be getting even stronger, so packed up. 13 contacts, so need to revisit this park sometime for the 44 needed for a WWFF point.

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