Sunday, 22 May 2016

SOTA Mt Mundoonen VK2/ST-053

With a nice sunny Sunday decided to revisit a couple of easy summits in the Yass region to the North of Canberra, Mt Mundoonen and Bobbara Mountain. First drove to Mt Mundoonen to the East of Yass, as per other activations parked near the start of the road up to the summit.

Walked up the road. After a few bends and about a 15 minute walk reached the top. Air Navigation VLF beacon for Yass here.

Set up the squid pole on the trig. Ran out the legs of the 20/40 m linked dipole.

View of the station from the road

Radio shack on the concrete base of the trig

Got on 40 m. Signals quite good from VK2, VK3, VK5 and VK7, although quite a bit of QSB. Made a WWFF contact with Paul VK5PAS/2 activating Lane Cove National Park, VKFF-0281 in Sydney, nice signal from his portable setup.

Tried going to 20 m but no replies, despite spotting myself there. A tune around the band seemed to indicate it was just returned to 40m.

Managed to make a summit to summit contact with Mal VK3MEL/P on VK3/VS-018. Must have been heard by Gerard VK2IO as he put up a spot he was looking for me, so got on 7.085 and spotted myself, and worked him.

A few more contacts on 40 m, gave it away around noon and packed up, headed into Yass for lunch.
A total of 17 contacts.

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