Friday, 8 April 2016

VKFF Hunter Honour roll 250 Parks Award

Following contacting several new VKFF parks last weekend I had enough contacts for the next VKFF Honour Award for hunting 250 parks.

I like to work out statistics...Here is a breakdown of the number of parks worked per VK call area, with the % of the total 250.

State Worked % Total
VK1 14 5.6
VK2 44 17.6
VK3 91 36.4
VK4 25 10
VK5 68 27.2
VK6 4 1.6
VK7 3 1.2
VK8 0 0
VK9 1 0.4

Looks like VK3 is the most popular, followed by VK5, VK2, VK4. Nice to get some VK6 and VK7 park activations in the log now. VK8 remains missing, but it only has 17 parks and a low amateur population for its size so this is expected, Good to work some of the locals in VK1 parks, VK1AT Jim and VK1VIC Tony the most active, besides myself.

Another view of the numbers is the % of total parks worked. Gives me an idea how many more parks in each state I still need to hunt.

State Total Parks %Total Parks
VK1 45 31
VK2 244 18
VK3 119 76
VK4 285 9
VK5 290 23
VK6 95 4
VK7 45 7
VK8 17 0
VK9 6 17

So I've worked 3/4 of all the VK3 parks, and almost a third of the VK1 parks. Lots left...

Here is the award from the Awards Manager Paul VK5PAS, thanks Paul.

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