Friday, 5 February 2016

WWFF Park to Park Certificate 10

Noticed on the World Wide Flora and Fauna Blog  the announcement of a new "Park-to-Park" Award, initially for 10 Park to Park contacts.

A check on the WWFF logsearch website showed that I had qualified with more than 10 contacts

WWFF P2P References
1VKFF-0032 (from VKFF-0855)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK2HBG/P2015-11-2840mSSB
2VKFF-0041 (from VKFF-0834)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK2IO/P2016-01-2440mSSB
3VKFF-0092 (from VKFF-0991)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK2IO/P2015-11-2940mSSB
4VKFF-0473 (from VKFF-0855)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK2IO/P2015-11-2840mSSB
5VKFF-0625 (from VKFF-0377)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK3ANL/P2015-12-0640mSSB
6VKFF-0816 (from VKFF-0851)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK4AAC/52016-01-1540mSSB
7VKFF-0826 (from VKFF-0855)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK5GJ/P2015-11-2840mSSB
8VKFF-0916 (from VKFF-0855)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK5PAS/P2015-11-2740mSSB
9VKFF-0923 (from VKFF-0991)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK5PAS/P2015-11-2940mSSB
10VKFF-0934 (from VKFF-0841)OC / VKVK1DI/P (VK1DI)VK5PAS/P2015-11-2840mSSB

Applied for the award and received promptly from Danny, ON4VT. Thanks Danny.

Here is the award, number 4 issued!

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