Sunday, 22 November 2015

SOTA Mt Budawang VK2/ST-015

As per previous activations drove to the start of the walk via Braidwood, Mongarlowe then the Budawang Rd, stopping to open the 3 gates to cross private properties. Arrived at the start of the walk around 9:30 am. The summit is in Budawang National Park, WWFF reference VKFF-0061

Initially overcast, did get a bit of sunshine later travelling through the ferny part of the road. Nice cool temperate rainforest.

Another view along the road, nice little ferny glade here.

The track eventually starts to climb and doesn't let up until the top. About a 4.5 Km walk. Arrived at the summit over an hour later. Fairly cloudy with not much of a view due to cloud. Nice and cool though, as the summit is exposed with no shade glad of the cloud.

Set up the squid pole and antennas on the South East corner of the compound. Currockbilly Mountain VK2/ST-018 in the cloud on the far right, VK2/ST-026 unnamed mountain to the left of it.

Looking the other way. Set up 40/20 m and 10/6 m linked dipoles, plus 2m jpole ribbon

Set up the shack on the tarp at the base of the squid pole. Lots of small black ants, seemed to be all over the summit...They didn't bite, just a nuisance.

Started on 2 m FM. No replies. Tried 2 m SSB, got SMSed by Andrew VK1AD who advised not hearing me, could I try 6m. Gave this a try but could barely copy Andrew, too weak to work. Did work Roald VK1MTS okay though not strong.

Tried switching the links to 10 m. Tuning around I heard a couple of familiar voices on 28.500 Mhz, Paul VK5PAS chatting to Rick, VK4RF, both regular chasers...Broke in and worked them both, good S9+ signals, especially after Paul turned his beam on me! Obviously Sporadic e propagation.

Went on to work Yoshi JH8XBH, Mick VK3PMG in Western Victoria and Peter VK2FVG on ground wave from near Jervis Bay, around 80 Km up the coast.

Went to 40 m to get Tony VK1VIC/P  S2S to VK1/AC-048, Mt McDonald. Also worked him on 6 m. Returned to 40 m and worked the regular chasers from VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK7. Another S2S with Paul VK3HN/P on VK3/VT-040.

Returned to 10 m, the Adelaide beacon VK5WI and Tasmanian beacon VK7RAE both strong but no-one else on. Packed up and headed back down.

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