Sunday, 5 April 2015

SOTA VK2/ST-017 Mt Wee Jasper

After activating VK2/ST-053 Mt Mundoonen drove to Yass for lunch, then drove on to Wee Jasper. As per my last activation took easy option of following forest tracks close to the summit.

I needed to wait at one junction for a group of 4WDs to move out of the way, they didn't think anyone would be using the track and mostly they would have been right...

I struck another obstacle, the track running off Pheasant Creek Road is getting rather overgrown with blackberries, picked up a few extra scratches on the car doors :(  Otherwise the road in was okay, at least dry and not muddy like my last activation in August last year.

Parked in the pine forest just near the Hume and Hovell walking track, around 500 m from the summit.

A short steep walk up the ridge to the summit.

Reached the summit trig

The same 2 seats as before. Note there is now a fireplace here, looks like this was used as a camping site on the Hume and Hovell walking track.

Set up the squid pole and shack on one of the seats as per other activations

Another view of the station

Got on 40 m. Some good strong signals from the usual chasers. Another S2S with Kevin VK3KAB/P. By a strange coincidence also on an 017 summit, his was VK3/VE-017.

After 40 m died down went to 20 m. Worked David VK4DD with a good strong signal. Worked Andrew VK1NAM, fairly weak signal. Got a call from Marko OH9XX, so starting to open to Europe long path, however had to pack up as getting late in the day.

A photo of the blackberry infested road on the way out, hard to avoid scratching the car...

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