Saturday, 2 November 2013

SOTA Dipole winders

When I started doing SOTA activations, I purchased a couple of spools of wire for the dipole legs and used the spools to store the wire and support cord on. After 40 SOTA activations throwing the spools among scrub and rocks they were looking a bit worse for wear...

Bits of both spools were busted, with the wire threatening to unravel...So needed to make up some new SOTA dipole wire winders.

At a local hobby store saw a lightweight wooden clipboard. A bit of work with the hacksaw cut this to an appropriate size and cut notches at each end to stop the wire unraveling. Here is the result.

One leg of the 40m dipole on the new wooden winder. I had cut each winder to a size that would fit into my Kathmandu camera bag, so now able to carry logbook, FT817 and wire winders all in the one bag, neat.

I still have the coax, occy straps and dipole termination box to carry in another bag, but should fit neater into the pack.

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