Saturday, 30 March 2013

SOTA Activation Booroomba Rocks 1382m

Saturday 30th March 2013

After activating nearby VK1/AC-027 set off to do nearby Booroombra Rocks, VK1/AC-026. This is an area well used by rock climbers so was a car park and walking track to get within 500m of the summit.

A 2.5 km return walk. There were lots of people on the track, a lady asked me what the squid pole was for, was I going fishing :)

Got to the top of the track and bush bashed across to the summit. 

Booroombra Rocks is really 3 peaks with the highest being the SOTA summit. Lots of rocky slabs, with some scrub bashing/wading to get between them. Okay once you get onto the rock slabs...

Reached the rock cairn on top. Managed another 2m hand held to hand held with Wayne, VK3WAM/1 heading up to Mt Scabby. 

Worked a few locals on 2m FM, all very strong. This is a great VHF site! Wedged the squid pole in a rocky crevice and set up the FT817 nearby on the rocks

Didn't seem to be many of the regular chasers about, only worked 5 stations on 40m. The band was good though, there was a CQ WPX contest on, could even hear Russian and European stations quite well.

View was fantastic! Photo below of Mt Tennent and Tuggeranong valley to the left of it.

Packed up about 4:30 pm. Headed back down the same way.

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