Sunday, 5 February 2017

peakery website

Read recently on Paul VK5PASs blog about a website called peakery. Check it out at

This may be of use to SOTA activators. As noted by Paul there are a lot of peaks missing, several of the VK1 SOTA summits are not there, eg Mount Majura. I recently got this added by the peakery administrators. Most of the ACT border summits seemed to have been moved to NSW, I found Bimberi Peak, VK1/AC-001 delegated down to the 17th highest peak in NSW? Also several interstate peaks in every other Australian state are wrongly included. For a while Mt Bartle Frere in North Queensland was the ACTs highest peak!?

Anyway as a massive job to catalog every peak on the planet not too bad an effort, and managing to get it looking better. Currently the map of the ACT peaks as follows:

The blue mountains are ones I haven't logged anything for yet, the red one is Bimberi Peak, now showing at the highest peak in the ACT after my input. The green ones are peaks I have activated and logged a report for. Hovering your mouse over each peak shows any photos taken, an example shown is Mount Majura.

As well as Paul VK5PAS noticed Rod VK2TWR has added some notes and photos to the nearby peaks. With more user input this should prove a useful tool for SOTA activators, or anyone wanting to climb mountains.

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