Friday, 19 February 2016

Lower Molonglo River Corridor NR VKFF-0990

With a nice sunny evening after work Friday decided to try activating one of the nearby as yet activated WWFF Nature Parks, VKFF-0990, with the rather long name of "Lower Molonglo River Corridor Nature Reserve"

This is another poorly mapped park in Google maps, here is a better map of the park off The park covers the lower Molonglo River before it joins the Murrumbidgee River. It is actually quite large, several Km long.

From home drove to the closest point, a walking track off Stockdill Drive, just before the end of the road on the left. A gap in the fence and signs. Note the park used to be called just Molonglo Nature Reserve.

Nearby a sign with a map of the reserve.

The walking track continues down to the Molonglo River.

Looking to the South West towards Uriarra Road.

I set up the squid pole on a park marker, using the nearby fence to support the dipole legs. I had taken my camping table and chair for a bit of comfort.

Shack on the table. Took my home radio, a TS-480 for some extra power. The park sign made a handy sunshade.

Got on 40 m, to first work Paul VK5PAS/P in VKFF-0776 Black Hill CP. He was a good strong signal, although quite a bit of QRN from some storm activity somewhere.

Called by Rick VK4RF/VK4HA afterwards. Tried moving to 7.141 Mhz, but got clobbered by some strong stations that came up on 7.140, so moved down to 7.135 Mhz.

Worked a steady stream of the regular park hunters. Good strong signals from VK1, VK2, VK3 and VK5. Many were 59++. One caller was about 59+40db... One notable contact with VK7NSE Tim on Flinders Island, with a massive strong signal. Briefly tried 20 m, could hear Paul VK5PAS working EU stations, but they were not strong to me, no replies to my calls.

Returned to 40 m. Worked Peter VK3PF portable on Mt Buller. Seems he had some company up there...Went on to work Tony VK3CAT/P, Allen VK3ARH/P, Adan VK1FJAW/3, Andrew VK1AD/3, Andrew VK1MBE/3 Compton VK2HRX/3, Rob VK2QR/3 and Adam VK3AGD/P.

A nice boost in numbers at the end of the activation, got up to 33 contacts before it got too dark.

Last light before packing up and heading home for dinner.

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